How to Add Daily Say to Slack

The following screenshots show you every step required to add the Daily Say app to your team's channel in Slack.

We have included every little step. Don't be afraid, they are all very easy and follow each other naturally:

1. Start your free trial

Start the process by clicking on the "ADD TO SLACK / TEAMS" button. This will activate your 14-day free trial.


2. Add Daily Say bot to your Slack team

Just click on the button.


3. Allow Daily Say to send contents to your team

We ask for the minimum access required to perform our job. Review these items and click the "Allow" button.


4. Open Slack

Our app is installed. Open Slack by clicking the "Open Slack" button.


5. Select the channel to receive the contents

Select the channel to receive the contents. We will take care of sending the contents.


6. Select content category

Choose the content category you are interested in. You can choose "Mixed" to receive randomly from all categories.


7. Select your timezone

Select your timezone. We will use this to schedule our contents appropriately.


8. Enjoy receiving high-quality contents

You are all set. We will take care of the rest. Your company will receive the contents in the channel you specified. The first content will be sent on the next scheduled time. We send our contents every working day.


9. Buy subscription

At any time during or after your free trial, you can visit the app Home in Slack and buy our subscription by clicking on the "Hire me" button.